Moving Tips

Plan ahead. Inventory your belongings, purchase supplies and allow plenty of time for packing. The basics you’ll need: Mailing Boxes, Premium Performance Packaging Tape, Cushion Wrap.

Packing Tips

Packing as much as you can into every box helps protect your items - less space to move around means less damage. Plus, boxes are easier to load than unusual shaped items not packed in boxes.

Moving Services

  • Local move
  • Long distance move
  • Commercial move
  • Nationwide Relocation
  • Packing
  • Storage

Moving Tips

  • Make a list of everything you need to get done before and after the move. From changing mailing addresses to finding boxes for your belongings. You want to be as organized as possible.
  • Always have a reliable moving service. Never settle for less when it comes to moving your belongings. Not using professionals can cause more harm than good when it comes to handling your things.
  • Throw away things you don't need. If you have not used it in years, you probably don't need it. This will save you time on packing and make your new place less cluttered.
  • Wrap Fagile items. Wrap your glassware or anything breakable in tissue or unprinted paper to make sure they are safe and secure during the move.
  • Find as many boxes as possible. Putting everything in boxes will make your life much easier. This will keep things from getting lost or broken. Always make a list of what is inside the boxes and label each one with their future locations.
  • Don't overfill the boxes. Try to keep the weight down for each box. Is easier moving a few lighter boxes than one heavy box.
  • Find as much help as possible. Friends and family can be helpful during a move.
  • Know exactly how and where you are planning on storing things in your new place. It will save you much time an energy knowing this before you make the move.
  • Pack what you don't need first. For example, don't pack your toiletries the first day. You many need them that night.
  • Never over exert yourself. Leave the difficult tasks for professionals.

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Mr M. Emerson

"From the first phone call to the last handshake, everything was perfect. The movers we had on both of our recent moves were excellent. You made our moves very easy, we can’t thank you enough."

Ms W. Smith

"Your movers could not have been better! Very professional, quick and careful. I would recommend your company to any of my friends looking for a moving company."

Mr P. Lane

TCWRC Moving Company Erie was wonderful from start to finish. Getting the quote was easy, my questions before the move were always responded quickly in a friendly manner, and the movers on the day of were extremely professional and courteous. Everything I could ask for in a moving company!